Walmart Summer Fashion Haul 2019

what we do here just go back back [Music] hi guys this is Jess with mere and thread welcome back to my channel a few things before we get started everything that I’m gonna talk about per usual is leaked in the description of the video you can follow me

on my Instagram page which is at mare and thread and I like to know it page which is also at Marin thread for daily outfit inspiration I post all of my sale notifications and all of those things in those two places so those are linked below as well

I am really excited for today’s video this is my favorite video that we’ve done to date I’m teaming up with Walmart today to bring you a big haul for summer fashion so I’ve kind of covered all kinds of things so I’ve got some dresses some skirts some like

athleisure wear I’m really really excited so if you haven’t tried out Walmart in a while and definitely give them another look I’ve been so impressed with their clothing and accessories and shoes actually the dress that I’m wearing right now is from my previous Walmart haul video so you

can go back on my channel and watch that one there’s all kinds of good stuff there too and I’ve just fit so impressed with the quality and you absolutely cannot beat the prices there so and their online stock is tends to be better than their in-store stock so

everything I’m going to show you I ordered online and the links for those online are below and typically they will offer free shipping and on their online purchases if you get to a certain amount I’m not positive what that amount is but it’s not very much so I’m

definitely worth looking online for okay let’s get started so this outfit is from the Sofia Vergara line which is one of my favorite new lines at Walmart and everything that I’ve tried on from that line I’ve been really pleased with and specifically the denim like the jeans in

my last video I had a pair of white jeans with a black stripe down them again you can go back and check that out but I was so impressed with the quality of those and these are absolutely no exception these are amazing the fit and the quality this

is like a very soft fabric so they it like a gene as far as how they fit through the leg and on the booty area but the material is almost like a chino it’s that comfortable and I have my normal size for in these so no worries with

sizing here these fit like a dream so you can order your true size and not have any problems there and I rolled the bottoms a little bit just for a little bit more of an ankle length for summer but you can leave them rolled down as well and

the length was really pretty good on me and they were just a touch long I’m 5/3 but I prefer the rolled anyways and if you don’t have any olive jeans I prefer or I kind of think of these as black jeans now like they’re such a neutral to

me that I love to mix and match them and the way that these are and these are appropriate for a lot of workplaces will let you wear black jeans or colored jeans as well so really happy with these and then I paired those with this kind of like

boho linen top so this you know linen is really great for summer too it’s very lightweight and this has a lot of little detailing and and then it’s got this around the bottom too which I kind of tucked in on my jeans and I have my normal size

small and this one as well so true to size here and then another thing that I’ve been really impressed with this time around well really every time around since I’ve been to Walmart recently are the shoes so these are surfaced by Sam Edelman so and this is one

of his lines that he does for Walmart and these are amazing I mean the quality of these is so so good I love the studs this is a big trend for spring and summer right now these come in black as well and then he also has I’ll put

another link down he also has kind of a woven one and that he did for Walmart and it comes in white and black as well slides are huge this season and I’m just really impressed with these and I paired these with lots of the outfits I’ll be showing

today okay here’s a little more dressed up option this is from the textile and brand at Walmart and it’s just a really pretty eyelet dress so this is little white dresses our summers version of the little black dress like they’re really just a necessity you need a good

one for spring and summer I love the ruffle detail on this and my favorite part is it has pockets on both sides and so that automatically just makes it more comfortable you could easily pair this with some sandals as well if you wanted to dress it down a

little bit so I’ve heerd it with these ruffle wedges for a little bit more of a dress step look this is great for spring events if you are a summer bride and this is a great outfit for you this these have this little ruffle along the front and

then the wedge is made out of a cork material and I’m really impressed with the comfort of these these are only 19 dollars so I think you’ll get tons of wear out of these with them being a neutral color and I sized up to a 7 in these

they didn’t have six and a half which is my normal size online and the seven fits just fine and I can kind of make the ankle strap a little bit tighter as well so um I think these are really good buy for $19 all right here’s one of

the more casual looks I grabbed this basic striped top this is another one from Sofia Vergara’s line and I like the extra like different stripe on the sleeve and it’s just a great basic for summer and I have size small in this one and then um I don’t

know if you guys know this about me if you follow me on instagram you definitely know how obsessed I am with joggers I just think they are the greatest invention ever because you can get away with wearing these to work and if you dress them up with like

a wedge or a sandal but they feel like sweatpants I’m so impressed with these the length was hitting me perfectly and again I’m 5/3 so it’s pretty rare for me to find a pair of joggers that I don’t have to roll a bunch of times so and you

can unzip the bottoms to you if you did want to roll make them a little bit shorter but I am just I love these the the fabric is kind of like a cargo pant so they’re really comfortable and I have size small in these so true to size

in these as well and then I paired those with these basic slides these have I’ve worn these quite a bit so they put a little dirty on the edges but these are really really comfortable so they’re memory foam in the bottom and I have size seven in the

size size up a half size in these all right here’s kind of an in-between casual and dress step you can do a lot with both of these items and this is just a denim skirt but the length is really great on this to me so it’s not a

mini skirt it’s also not a maxi skirt it’s the perfect just like right above the knee link the only thing I will tell you about this is it tends to run pretty big in the waist and it’s very very stretchy so I would suggest especially if you’re between

sizes I would say size down I have the four and it’s a little bit big on me so which is my normal size so I would say size down and especially if you’re between sizes size down in this one then I paired that with this sweatshirt that is

just another easy thing to throw on an everyday kind of thing and it has this cute back detail so this makes it appropriate for summertime because the sleeve length isn’t all the way long it’s very lightweight and it does have the open back so you’ll stay nice and

cool in this one one of my favorite things from the whole haul are these gorgeous shoes these are another circus by Sam Edelman they’re really really comfortable so they’ve got espadrille on the side and then he’s beautiful like a beaded detail on the toe I love the white

personally they also come in a brown that’s really cute too I have my six size six-and-a-half in these so get your normal size of these I did not size up and and these are on sale right now for $34 if you catch them right now which is just

an incredible deal or a shoe of this quality ok this outfit is a little out of the box and I’m I’ve done about it and this top is not really out of the box the top you could get tons of wear out of and it is more of

a basic it’s a little wrinkles because this is it on the floor right now but it is just like a ruffled top it looks pretty short but it did not fit me like a crop top it went all the way to the bottom of my pants so um

just to kind of be aware of that and then these are you can tie these up like a halter so it’s pretty cute for summer and and then I love these for something different are these striped pants this is from the ellen degeneres line and these are really

great quality too the fit was amazing on these I have size four in these as well so very true to size and again I rolled the bottoms just her a little more of a cropped length for summer but these would be another one that you could totally get

away with wearing as work where if you work somewhere a business casual and you can dress them up like I did with a wedge sandal and I used those same ruffle wedge sandals that I talked about earlier and you can do a lot with these so I think

these are fun for something kind of different okay and last but not least is this kind of athleisure outfit and so I’ll talk about this part first this is a fun camo sports bra my favorite detail is this little score stripe it ads on the side and this

fits really great I have size small in this one and these do have matching leggings as well if you would like to wear this to the gym this would be perfect for that I kind of made this more of just like a casual weekend outfit out of this

but and it’s definitely appropriate for gym wear as well and then I paired that with these again joggers these are a different kind of jogger though these are ones that you wouldn’t be able to wear to work these are just casual fun and easy like sweat pant joggers

but they have this stripe down the side and these were just a touch long on me either mind it but um if you are much shorter than I am they might be just a touch long on you so just be aware of that but I thought I loved

this little hot pink detail on the drawstring to you and then they have a great and line of just basic t-shirts so I have the white which I wear all the time and then it comes in basically any color you could ever want just a basic pocket v-neck

true to size on that one so another good basic for you and then I wore that with these comfortable slides as well that’s a wrap on all my favorite things from Walmart right now I hope you guys give some of them a try because I’m telling you you

will not be able to beat the prices there and you are will be absolutely amazed at the quality and the fit of these items I know it so I hope you give him a try leave me a comment and let me know what was your favorite